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Milbor PMC is a family-owned company distributing quality equipment for fruit and vegetables packing and grading. We select premium machinery manufacturers in order to provide our Customers with the state-of-art solutions to answer to their key challenges such as productivity improvement, shelf-life extension and reduction of product losses.

Our company has been established by the family of growers present in the fresh produce sector for over 60 years. Thanks to this experience we understaod well the importance of proven technology for successful horticulture operations.

We know that the success of our customers is also our success and in this regard, we provide them with extensive consulting and support services.

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Latest News

Topseal packaging gaining popularity in EU markets

Topseal is a new way of packing vegetables, mushrooms, nuts, salads and dried fruit. This method not only reduces the cost of packing, but also gives more marketing and logistics capabilities. What? Read the article. Topseal packaging is increasingly popular and has...

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Quality gives Polish blueberries competitive edge

Conditions of blueberries production in Poland, top sealing punnets, who are we - you will read about this in the article below. Located just about an hour Northwest of Warsaw, Polish blueberry grower Milbor was able to escape the major frost issues experienced by...

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Sorting machinery could boost German soft fruit exports

Weather conditions are important for the production of blueberry what many German growers could realize during last season In our opinion, increasing the use of sorting machines in the production of blueberries is of great importance in controlling the quality of...

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Service Support Contacts

Being in the fresh produce industry for many years we understand that for many growers and packers availability of the service support is crucial. During the harvest season the companies cannot afford any production stops because of machinery breakdown or lack of parts.

Our company focuses on providing outstanding after-sales service and technical support. We ensure that our field technicians are always close to the customers and the spare parts are available within less than 24 hours.

Our customers can also count on our consultancy in post-harvest operations; All our employees are always happy to share their knowledge and expertise gained throughout successfull implementations of our systems.

Email: service(at)milbor.pl

Phone: +48 501 454 896

Our Service Locations

Central and Southern Europe

Maciej Chmielewski

+48 538 359 172

Languages: Polish, English, German

Spain&Portugal Sales

Annabell de Aquiar

+34 654 662 680

Languages: English, Spanish

Warsaw office:
ul. Prosta 2/14 lok.24
00-850 Warsaw, Poland

Falbogi office:
Falbogi Wielkie 18
09-142 Załuski, Poland

T: +48 660 00 25 26
E: sales(at)milbor.pl