About the Evolution

With its unparalleled gentleness and its combination of unbeatable speed and unmatched accuracy, Evolution has quickly become the most sought after blueberry and tomato packing machine in the world.

Available in 6-scale and 10-scale version, the Evolution is the best choice for mid-size growers willing to keep the top quality of their product

Designed for

  • Fresh & frozen berries:
    • Blueberries
    • Cranberries
    • Black currant
    • Aronia
    • Lingonberries
  • Tomatoes

Benefits & Features

  •  Very accurate weight&filling system can maintain an average weight of less than a single piece of product;
  •  Extremely gentle fruit distribution system for no ripping off the bloom and better overall quality of the fruit;
  •  High capacity weight&filling
    •  Up to 110 packs per minute for 6-scale Evolution
    •  Up to 150 packs per minute for 10-scale Evolution
  •  Versatility of packing many different sizes and shapes of packaging from 125gr to 1,5kg;
  •  Specially designed software keeps track of every punnet packed on the machine;
  •  Easy to clean and maintain;