Strauss, a manufacturer of asparagus grading and packing machinery, starts its sales in Poland

In Poland the amount and area of asparagus cultivation are increasing. It is in Poland that Europe’s largest green asparagus plantation is located. Most of Polish production is exported, which requires a high quality of the product – we send about 1.2-1.5 thousand tonnes to Germany alone. This creates a need for machines that not only speed up the packing process, but also improve the quality of the vegetables sold.

“We had been planning for some time to expand the company’s range of asparagus machines. We see a huge potential for growth of this market, as well as a shortage of appropriate technologies that would help producers improve work on the plantation”, explained Maciej Chmielewski, a representative of Milbor PMC. “Thanks to the comprehensive solutions Strauss offers, we will be able to provide Polish producers with technical support at every stage: from harvesting, through sorting and calibration, to packing of the ready-to-sell product. The more work steps on a plantation are automated, the more the owner can save on the wages paid to workers, who are already hard to find these days”, added Mr Chmielewski.

The biggest advantage of the Strauss machines is that they classify each asparagus separately. After thorough cleaning, the vegetables go to a sorter where they are checked for diameter, length, curvature, colour (separately for the head and the rest of the stem), as well as any damage. Once the asparagus has been carefully sorted, it goes into the appropriate collection container. The classification scheme is similar to the packing machine – the machine weighs each asparagus individually, then selects those that are of the right weight when gathered into a bundle.  This allows the machines to achieve the accuracy of up to 4 grams.

Strauss was founded in 1945 by Paul Strauss, the grandfather of the current managing director Jörn Strauss. He began manufacturing small fruit and vegetable machines. Today, the company is one of the market leaders in the design and manufacture of weighing, grading and packing machinery. These units are specially suited for both white and green asparagus and leeks, as well as other fruit and vegetables with a similar elongated shape.


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