Experience the 170kg. collaborative robot solution at Automation Day June 8th in Odense

Robot Comau from Egatec

Last year, more than 600 people met in the automation industry and business as Egatec opened the doors to the annual Automation Day. This year Egatec is yet again the host of this event, where you Friday June 8th can experience the latest trends in automation and robots fx. the ground breaking AGV, the educational robot e.DO and the world’s largest 170kg. collaborative robot AURA.

“Automation Day brings the industry together in an informal and relaxed environment. It is the place to meet customers, suppliers and professionals with an interest in automation and robots, “says Mads Nychel, CEO of Egatec, who has as many expectations this year as last year.

Mayor of Odense Peter Rahbæk Juel is opening the day, and Automation Day offers plenty of networking and inspiration among the 40 exhibitors and hundreds of visitors across industry. All of this will take place in two major production halls at Egatec. It also states that there should be a guarantee of both grill and good weather.

The future is here: an industrial collaborative robot

During the day Egatec will present AURA which as well as being the world’s largest in its class, is also equipped with the latest technology in collaborative robot solutions.

AURA is the new generation of collaborative robots. AURA comes with revolutionary new technology that causes the robot to stop BEFORE the touch, unlike existing robots in the market, which stop by touch. Furthermore, it can run at full industrial speed when there are no people nearby. As soon as people come close, the robot reduces speed to “collaborative speed”. The tool itself is also collaborative, which maximizes safety.

Egatec has been the exclusive Danish distributor of Comau’s industrial robots since 2016, and is excited about this new technology: “In the future, people and machines should be able to work safely and productively side by side. This technology avoids any impact between robot and human thanks to the built-in proximity sensor that causes the robot to stop before touch. AURA now gives companies the opportunity to use collaborative technology in the heavy industry, “says Mads Nychel.

With AURA, Comau has developed a solution that – in the long run – can be used for any robot regardless of size to make it collaborative. It works by applying a robot an extra layer and thereby making it collaborative.

See how the future looks like June 8th at 10-14 at Egatec. Registration is free and you can sign up at egatec.dk

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