Film sealing punnets is becoming more and more popular way of packing fruit, vegetables, dried fruits or nuts. This method has many advantages described in article on

After being in use for the last 5 to 6 years in the UK, film sealed punnets and trays used for fruits have been gaining increasing interest from around the world.

Fruits packed by traysealer

Milbor, a Polish based blueberry producer and supplier of packaging solutions to other producers, are the first to offer these up-and-coming packaging systems to Poland and the rest of Europe. They are also the first distributor in Poland to use this new packaging themselves and have been busy introducing it to other producers.

“We have been reaching out to soft fruit companies who supply strawberries, cherries and cranberries, not just blueberries. The sealed punnets look much better without the lid. Additional benefits are that the sealed top also prevents tampering and supermarket customers from touching and tasting the fruits before purchase. The packaging is more convenient, providing a lidless solution that cuts down on waste.” said Maciej Chmielewski, Sales Engineer from Milbor.

Soft fruits are often packed in punnets for the supermarkets, but fruits can be destroyed if the lid pops off, spilling loose fruit everywhere. The sealed film avoids this and also provides additional cost effectiveness but cutting down on warehouse labour because you don’t need to employ people to put the lids on the containers.

Strawberry packed by traysealer

Films can be pre-printed with branding and images and can also be offered in a resealable specification (to improve hygiene after opening and allow stacking of packs in the fridge) as well as micro perforations to allow produce to breathe (particularly when used with fresh cut produce and modified atmosphere packs). In addition use by and sell by dates can simply be printed onto the film at the point of sealing to simplify the packing process further.

Shelf life for blueberries is around 7 days from the time of harvest to consumption, so any gain on shelf life is very welcome for producers.

Traysealer Revolution

According to the machine manufacturer’s website, “Freshseal heat sealing machines are the fastest most energy efficient on the market today therefore producing the lowest cost per pack with a number of models available to suit the different levels of automation and production speeds in the market.

Transporting conveyor

All of the machines are fully electric and operate without the need for compressed air. For those who are new to film sealing, there are small machines offering speeds of up to 30 packs per minute whereas at the top end of the range the Revolution incorporates truly novel technology enabling it to surpass all other single lane sealers with speeds of up to 200 packs per minute. Additionally the Revolution gives a smooth profile of punnet transfer into the machine which allows lighter or more easily displaced products such as small berries or grape tomatoes to be transferred without spilling at high speed.”

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