LIBRA System

LIBRA is a performance management system for manual weighing lines. Our offer includes both hardware and dedicated software that enables effective monitoring and assessment of employees’ performance in fresh produce, meat, fish, or ready meals.

Key advantages:

Savings on labour

Increased performance of the production by 30%-50%

Less time lost on changeovers of the line

Possibility to select the most qualified people for the job

Savings on overweight

Saving on product give-away by 3-5%

Centralised tare management reducing risk of weight-based claims

Improved production management

Better visibility on order progress

Improved production planning

Less errors due to centralized management

Data Analysis

Automatic result calculation

Performance evaluation

Trend analysis

User-friendly Interface

Minimum time required for training

Intuitive operation

Efficient and reliable application

High quality hardware

Precise weighing results

Short settle-time

Light indicators supporting the weighing process.
System Overview
  • Scales

Precise, easy to use and durable scales connected to the software in order to measure employees’ productivity as well as production overview report while ensuring reliability and long-term use.

  • Light Indicators

The LEDs on the scale use colorful lights to indicate the achievement of the weight target – red for below target, green for within the range, and yellow for above target. Simplify weighing for operators, reducing eye strain.

  • Software

It enables monitoring and analysis of data from each scale. Our software allows you to create personalized employee profiles, track their performance during work and generate reports. The software can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

  • Production visualization

Who is the solution dedicated for?

The manual weigh solution was created for food packing producers who want to:

  • select the best employees for the right job positions
  • increase production efficiency and packing accuracy
  • observe the performance of individual employees
  • record and report the progress of each order
  • predict completion time and avoid mistakes when managing orders



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System interface

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