Milbor PMC, the integrator of sorting and packing equipment for berries, will be present with its partner vendors: A&B Packing Equipment and WECO Sorting at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

Located in Poland, the company specializes in delivering turnkey solutions that combine high capacity and accuracy to improve the efficiency of whole production process.

This year WECO Sorting will show Impulse Soft Sorter and BerryTek Colour Sorter and A&B Packing Equipment two weigh & fill machines: 4-scale G2 Evolution for cherries and 10-scale G2 Evolution for blueberries.

According to Maciej Chmielewski, Sales Manager at Milbor PMC: “The demand for soft fruit packing machines is growing in Europe. There are more and more new types of packaging and machines must be available to adapt to quick change of the new kind of tray.”

“G2 Evolutions manufactured by A&B G2 Evolution are very flexible – they pack most of the available on the market punnets and can be easily integrated with most of the leading blueberry sorting lines.” Chmielewski explains.

“It is worth adding that our brand is not only the high-quality equipment. Our company has been established by a family of growers and that is why we know how important to our customers is rely on the machines. This is why Milbor PMC provides the highest quality technical and after-sales support – service teams are always close to our customers, ready to help as soon as possible.” he adds.

G2 Evolutions and other machinery supplied by Milbor PMC will be at Fruit Logistica in hall 9, stands F-04, D-21 and C-13.

Source: Freshplaza