Control cabinet

The control machine is an advanced production line control system based on a Siemens PLC. It makes it possible to manage the entire system from one place.


The control machine is an advanced line control system based on a Siemens PLC. It makes it  possible to manage the entire system from a single location using an operator panel (HMI) that has access to the diagnostics and status of each line component and continuously displays the production progress. The control machine displays the causes of stops, faults and errors, and is responsible for controlling, navigating and monitoring the machine workflow, thus saving the operators’ time. 

Features and advantages:

  • Product protection – prevents collisions and losses by automatically controlling the system from one location
  • Power distribution for the machinery
  • Intuitive operation of the production line from the 12″ operator panel (HMI) (line START/STOP, speed of individual conveyors, possibility to deactivate the signal from the charge sensor, additional functions programmed after consultation with the customer)
  • Logic implemented using advanced SIEMENS PLCs
  • An e-stop for all conveyors in the entire line and possibility to program E-stops for particular components of the line
  • Possibility to reprogram and program additional functions, e.g. A delayed stop, adding a stop signal from the checkweigher
  • A hygienic design, a machine suitable for use in the food industry
  • An illuminated logo with indication of the line status

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