WalnutTek Optical Sorter

The WalnutTek is a machine designed for sorting nuts in-shell by color on the soring part of the hulling line.


The WalnutTek is a machine designed for sorting nuts in-shell by color on the sorting part of the hulling line. The sorter detects and removes immature or dried (sunburned), green and black nuts. The WalnutTek sorter equipped with the Chromax camera is able to perform the separation of nuts in-shell in free fall without the need for a clean background, providing industry standards for the sorting process. During processing, the camera remains clean for hours, thanks to a well-placed viewing window. Equipped with a touchscreen color display this unit is easy to operate and adjust.


  • Walnuts
  • Hazelnuts
  • Almonds

Features and advantages:

  • Productivity from 3 t/h to more than 30 t/h
  • High-quality optical cameras
  • Separates nuts in free fall
  • Increases quality of the final product
  • Adapted for outdoor locations and high moisture areas
  • Easy adjustment and operation

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