Milbor PMC, a European distributor of WECO Sorting has announced this year the partnership with the American producer of cleaning and hulling lines for walnuts, hazelnuts and pecans – Wizard Manufacturing.

For almost 80 years Wizard Manufacturing has been designing and building premium hulling, cleaning and drying equipment for walnuts. The company put up in development and service, offering its clients substantive and service support at the highest level.

Sorting and packing line for walnuts

Wizard hulling lines range
from simple solution (R-12 range) dedicated for smaller growers with annual production capacity of 300-500 tons up to large scale lines for commercial processors with capacity of up to 40 tons per

The CEO of the Milbor PMC Piotr Milewski explains the decision to start cooperation with Wizard: “For a long time we’ve been thinking about extending the offer of walnuts machines. We have been working with WECO Sorting the leading company providing sorting  equipment for walnuts. Over last few years we managed to successfully install WECO Walnut systems in Turkey, Spain and Portugal and now look forward to achieving same results with Wizard.”

Moisture meters system

WECO Sorting supply comprehensive solutions like WalnutTek Colour Sorter, that rejects green and black nuts, as well as Moisture Meter system, which allows to dry walnuts to a preset moisture limit. Milbor PMC will be present at this year’s Fresh Business Expo in Kiev and invite you to visit their stand E2 to learn more about nuts processing.

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Source: Freshplaza