Milbor PMC – integrator of sorting and packing lines for fruits and vegetables expanded offer with sorting lines for cherries from the Australian manufacturer GP Graders.

GP Graders have been manufacturing machinery for the fresh produce industry since 1963 to meet the needs of fruit growers and packers around the globe. Company manufactures sorting and packing lines for cherries, cherry and grape tomatoes and blueberries.

“We decided to start cooperation with GP Graders due to similar values that our companies share. We believe that growers deserve full support and advice both at the sales stage and after delivery of the machines. We provide a complete turn-key grading and packing solution, which due to compact construction can be expanded in the future. We strive to provide them with the best technology and give an edge in the market against their competitors,” – explains Piotr Milewski, Head of Sale in Milbor PMC.

GP Graders flagship machine is the The AirJet® Grader designed for sorting fresh cherries. This sorting device allows detecting internal and external defects, including softness and cracks, as well as separate fruits with inappropriate colour and size. GP Graders sorter uses the AirJet® Vision’s system equipped with three types of cameras:  B&W, colour and NIR HD. Sorter capture 30 images of each rotating cherry, which allows to check it very carefully from every perspective.

According to Piotr Milewski “By connection The AirJet® Grader and the G2 Evolution packing machine which we have in our offer from many years, Milbor PMC are able to provide customers with comprehensive solution that can be expanded along with the development of their companies.”

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Source: Fructidor