Walnut processing line

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Our collaboration with Wizard started in 2019 while we were looking for the best partner to support the growng Walnut market. Our partnership with Wizard, aligns with our commitment for quality solutions and that offers a unique approach to the most exigent demands of performance and efficiency.

Milbor is proud to partner with Avrupa Tarim, one of the first industrial scale walnut orchard in Turkey, started in 2015. The company is a leader in technology use in walnut growing and one of the biggest producer in Turkey with over 50 000 trees. A company of such size demands the highest performing equipment to manage harvest volumes efficiently at the lowest cost supporting their growth as one of the major producers in the walnut industry not only in Turkey, but also in Europe.

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Case study: Avrupa

What were the challenges?

The main challenge in walnut processing is how to clean large amount of walnuts in short period of time to meet harvest demands. The climate in Trakia where the farm is located is unfavorable to walnut harvesting. Heavy rains make it difficult for the harvesters to enter the field on time and sometimes the harvest can take place only once per week.

The aim of the Grower is to produce the walnuts in sustainable way with no fumigation of the walnuts after the harvest. It causes challenges on the production level because it is more difficult to keep the quality at a high level.

What did we do?

MILBOR PMC supplied and installed walnut hulling and drying equipment manufactured by WIZARD Manufacturing. The equipment installed was DR27 hulling line able to process up to 12 dry tons per hour. The key elements of the line are

  • Desticker & trash aspirator and float tank to remove debris coming with the walnuts, integrated with a cleaning system that also washes the walnuts preparing them in optimal conditions for the hulling
  • Green nut return and Huller bypass enable higher process volumes of both early and late harvest product, saving energy and preserving the quality of the walnuts
  • Air knife that reduces the excessive moisture of the nuts and shortens the drying time by 15%, reducing the risk of pathogens appearance, such as aflatoxins.

The drying plant included 11 drying bins of the capacity of 6 tons each which allow to dry 66 tons of walnuts in less than 24 hours.

The equipment was delivered and installed under supervision of the Wizard factory certified MILBOR PMC Project Management and Service team and it is supported by our Turkish speaking engineer.

What was the end result?

The customer started to run the plant in 2021. The operating cost of processing is 30-50% lower compared to small capacity plants which are very popular in Turkey. With processing capability of up to 12 dry tons per hour Avrupa Tarim can provide processing services for other growers.
The whole hulling and drying process can be closed within 24 hours so the customer can also reduce the risk of fungus related walnut diseases without necessity of using additional fumigation. Furthermore the efficient drying system saves money on gas consumption and the energy cost per ton. As a result the production has a higher quality with a bigger margin due to the reduction in the operating costs.

Hulling line

Drying line

Milbor PMC - Greenline and Drying Process

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