Nogam is one of the largest nut producers in Portugal. This is a new company in the Ortigão Costa group. The group’s objective is to produce sustainably based on good agricultural practices, to foster biodiversity through specific measures to this end, and to comply with international certification guidelines such as Global Gap, BRC, and IFS.

  • What were the challenges?

    In view of the company’s business plan and high expected growth, Nogam decided to invest in a solution that would automate the walnut shelling, drying, and packing processes, without compromising on quality, as a key to an increase in its competitiveness in the domestic and international markets.

  • What did we do?

    In order to develop a solution tailored to Nogam’s needs, we analysed all the processes together with our partners and determined the performance required in each of them, bearing in mind the positive effect of automation on the entire production process.

  • What was the end result?

    The result of the lengthy investigation and system design is a fully automated solution that includes:

    – a walnut hulling machine to increase line productivity;

    – a drying bin system to shorten the drying process;

    – a fully automatic moisture measuring system with a control unit.

    All of these components are crucial to getting good quality nuts. The solution shortened the production process, reduced the impact of the human factor, and significantly increased the producer’s margin as a result of savings achieved in individual processes.


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