Spargelhof Winkelmann is a blueberry and asparagus producer in Germany. Due to its dynamic growth, the client decided to install an additional production line that included sorting, packing, and labelling equipment.

  • What were the challenges?

    Due to the relatively short season and the large quantities of fruit to be packed each day, the client pays very close attention to the changeover time of the production line. Due to the multitude of packaging formats, changeovers can even take place several times a day.

  • What did we do?

    As part of this project, we installed a control machine based on a SIEMENS PLC with a 12” touch screen, on which a plan of the sorting and packing line is visualised. The control machine manages all the signals from the individual machines, allowing the entire line to run smoothly. The software has a diagnostic menu that enables the operator to quickly assess the operating status of the machine and to easily diagnose faults. The supplied control machine is also the power distribution centre for all the individual components working in the line, which eliminates power supply problems and greatly facilitates any related diagnoses. Due to the high standards applicable in the food industry, it is made of stainless steel with IP65 protection class.

  • What was the outcome?

    Thanks to the option to view the operating status of individual units on the screen of the control machine, the time needed to adjust the line to a new packaging format was significantly reduced. In addition, operators can diagnose the reasons for line downtime in real time with the diagnostics option. This allows them to react faster to emerging problems and thus increase the efficiency of the production process.


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