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About Combination scales

The Combination scales weighing system is designed to scale and pack green or white asparagus. The combination scales continually ascertains the individual weight of the asparagus spears and collect them together to form the pre-set package weight. If an individual piece cannot be allocated to a package because of its weight, it is actually returned to the beginning of the machine and is combined in another cycle.
Standard Combination scales efficiency is 50 containers per minute (for 500-gram packaging).

Designed for

  • White asparagus
  • Green asparagus

Benefits & Features

  • Very accurate weighing system allows
    to achieve accuracy up to 4 grams;
  • Hight performance with low
    personnel requirement;
  • The combination principle means no
    checking of packing weight required;
  • Right or left side models;
  • Easy to clean and maintain;

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