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About the Impulse Soft Sorter

Impulse Soft Sorter is the best blueberry sorting equipment for mid-size and large blueberry growers. Used to detect and remove soft, over ripped, damaged, and dehydrated berries as well as to remove fruit with anthracnose and mould.

Over 1000 machines sold all around the world prove the accuracy of this sorting machine.

Designed for

  • Berries:
    • Blueberries
    • Cranberries
    • Black currant

Benefits & Features

  • Very effective and fast detection due to 40 tactile sensors;
  • Versatility thanks to different sorter sizes, allows fitting into various lines configurations, sizes and applications;
  • Sorter Impulse capable to remove fruit affected by drosophila suzuki and anthracnose;
  • Thanks to easy operation system using the machine is simple, quick and handy;
  • Sorter is easy to maintain and clean;

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