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About the WECO WalnutTek

The WalnutTek is machine designed for sorting nuts. Thanks to the high-quality optical cameras, it enables color sorting, detects and removes immature or dried green and black nuts.

Depending on the different conditions, ex. the speed of filling the line, or the quality of the walnuts, the machine can achieve a capacity of 5 to 30 tons per hour.

Nut sorter WalnutTek is the best solution for small, medium and large walnut grower.

Designed for

  • Walnuts

Benefits & Features

  • Versatility thanks to different sorter sizes – 32, 48, 64 lub 80 cali.
  • Sorting walnuts in free fall without the need for a clean background
  • Thanks to easy operation system using the machine is simple, quick and handy;
  • Machine is easy to maintain and clean;

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