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About OptiSort G-Series

Available in 4 versions depending on the required efficiency, the OptiSort G-Series sorter eliminates soft and undersized asparagus,
leaving only the highest quality products.
The sorting process starts with cleaning with a lot of water and a little pressure to prepare them for optical sorting.
After accurate sorting proccess, the asparagus are transported to the appropriate collecting
container, which is subdivided into different
quality levels.

Designed for

  • White asparagus
  • Green asparagus

Benefits & Features

  • High capacity sorting:
    – Up to 21,000 spears per hour
    for 12 chutes OptiSort
    – Up to 28,00 spears per hour
    for 14 chutes OptiSort
    – Up to 50,000 spears per hour
    for 16 chutes OptiSort
    – Up to 50,000 spears per hour
    for 18 chutes OptiSort
  • Incorrect classifications are avoided
    by optical all round observation in
    the sorting cup;
  • Every asparagus is checked;
  • Low water consumption through
  • Green and white asparagus
    processed in one machine;

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