About the R12 Huller

The R12 Huller is one of the oldest and best designed hulling machinery for walnuts, still manufactured today. It maintains the same basic configuration as the original design. The R12 is a huller and washcage combined into one unit with a singer motor. The R12 features hardened steel knives, two styles of hulling wire, and an easy adjustment system

The line is composed of:

  • Rotary Precleaner – The Rotary Precleaner consists of a cylindrical cage which rotates to separate the nuts from debris. Powerful drive components and durable construction of this equipment for many seasons of processing.
  • Desticker – Removes sticks, loose hulls, and large debris from nuts to increase plant capacity and performance, as wel as minimize wearing of equipment.
  • Float Tank – Removes rocks and heavy debris from the good nut product by sinking the trash and allowing nuts to float through.
  • Huller/Wash Cage – Removes hulls (green husks) from outside of a nut’s shell.
  • Color Sort – removes green and black nuts
  • Sorting Table


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