Conditions of blueberries production in Poland, top sealing punnets, who are we – you will read about this in the article below.

Located just about an hour Northwest of Warsaw, Polish blueberry grower Milbor was able to escape the major frost issues experienced by growers in other regions. It had already been a shaky start to the season, even before the most recent frosts, with a significant frost at the beginning of the year as well.

Head of sales of Milbor PMC - Piotr Milewski

“The frost damage depends largely on the region. We are located in an area which is quite mild in terms of weather, which has helped us through some difficult weather conditions in the past too. However, there are areas in Poland where plants suffered badly, especially with the more fragile varieties like Draper or Liberty. On the top of that, the bud set on the Bluecrop variety wasn’t very good so I don’t expect a record year in Poland in terms of volumes.” said Piotr Milewski.

Blueberries in packing machine

Milbor supplies primarily to the UK, Germany and Scandinavia. All of the fruit that the company offers are Global G.A.P. certified and they are also an approved supplier to many British, Dutch and German supermarkets. The company has also started sending small shipments to Asia, but Piotr said that the quantities have been very limited. Milbor’s blueberries are available from July to October.

Packed blueberries leave packing machine

A large part of Milbor’s blueberries are offered in top sealed punnets and Piotr said that he has seen more and more interest from retailers wanting to switch over to this more modern form of packaging. The fresh blueberries are primarily sold in quantities of 125-500 grams, along with bulk packaging, depending on client requirements.

Blueberries packed in clamshells

“I believe that the demand for Polish blueberries will continue to increase due to their level of high quality compared to our main competitors.”

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