American manufacturer of fruit packing equipment – A&B Packing Equipment inc. announced the launch of a new version of Cherry Evolution grading machine in Europe.

The second generation of cherries packing machine allows one to weigh and fill over 120 punnets for minute. This flexible and versatile machine is able to pack fruits into various types of packaging: clamshells, punnets, to-go cups, boxes, multi-compartmented containers or thanks to the integration with a bagging module in bags. G2 Cherry Evolution is one of the most efficient, accurate as well as gently and more reliable filling equipment for fruits.

Cherries in punnets

Piotr Milewski, head of sales of Milbor PMC, said: “Using machines to pack freshly picked fruits, improves their quality and extends shelf life by minimizing people’s influence. Investment in packaging equipment allows to reduce the labor costs involved in packing. Moreover, G2 Cherry Evolution can maintain an average weight of less than a single piece of product – that gives customers a guarantee of saving money and having less waste on fruits.”

G2 cherries packing machine can be integrated with most of the leading cherry sorting lines or can be used as a separate solution.

G2 Cherry Evolution machine

Milbor PMC is the exclusive representative of A&B Packing in Europe, supplier of packing and  sorting equipment for the soft fruit segment, automatic traysealers, as well as professional casepacking and palletizing solutions. Located in Poland company has been supporting European growers in improving their packing processes.

The G2 Evolution and other A&B equipment will be presented at Fruit Logistica in hall 9, stand E-04.

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Source: Freshplaza