Looking for sorting equipment for berries, cranberries or walnuts? Visit our stand during Fruit Attraction, which take place on 22-24 October in Madrid (hall 4, booth 4D10C). More information about sorting machinery manufactured by WECO you’ll find in the article below.

Trade fairs are a good way to get your produce out there. For suppliers of machinery it might be even more important, as trial shipments are not as common or convenient. With Fruit Attraction coming up, one European supplier of sorting machines is preparing to show the attendees what their machinery is all about.

Milbor PMC is the European distributor for WECO Woodside Electronic. They manufacture sorting machines for blueberries, cranberries and walnuts. They will be showcasing two blueberry sorters during the trade show Fruit Attraction, in Madrid. “We deliver both the ‘Impulse Soft Sorter’ and ‘BerryTek’,” says Hicham Zahir, Area Sales Manager in South Europe and Morocco.

“The Impulse Soft Sorter is used to remove soft, damaged and dehydrated berries as well as to remove fruit with anthracnose and mold. Its technology is based on tactile sensors measuring the firmness of the fruits. The other sorter, the BerryTek, is a two-view optical sorter, equipped with two sets of cameras. There are four on the top and four on the bottom, which allows our clients to scan over 90% of the fruit’s surface. This technology makes Berrytek color sorter very accurate and enable to recognize and reject green, red, underripe and overripe berries.”

Blueberries sorting machines

On the left is the Impulse Soft Sorter, on the right the BerryTek

Having the sorting done automatically gives advantages compared to having it done manually by the field workers: “While sorting by colour is usually effectively done by field workers already at the harvesting stage, the degree of firmness of the fruit is often difficult to check for them. Not all damages can be visible to human eyes. The automation of this stage of processing blueberries brings many benefits to growers. It helps them to increase the efficiency and quality of production, as well as to save on labour expenses.” Zahir explains.

One of the machines that will be on display in Madrid has been created with manually harvested fruits in mind, says Zahir. In Europe WECO Sorting is represented by Milbor PMC. They are based in Poland, and specialize in providing sorting and packing solutions for the fresh industry.

You can find both WECO Woodside Electronic and a Milbor representative at Fruit Attraction in Madrid. They are in Hall 4, stand 4D10C.

Source: freshplaza.com

BerryTek Colour/Defect sorter

Impulse Soft Sorter

Equipment WECO WalnutTek