Fruit Logistica 2019

Fruit Logistica 2019

We will be in Berlin at the FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019 exhibition! If you want to know the best solutions in the automation of the packing and sorting process, please visit us at the booths E04 and C13,hall 9!

Sorting and packing line for blueberries

We invite you to watch video presenting sorting and packing line blueberries from at ours customer in Spain. This line contains Impuls Soft Sorter  which is used to detect and remove soft, over ripped, damaged, and dehydrated berries and weight&filler Evolution...

Universal machinery adapts to a variety of packaging options

The G2 is the next generation of the 12-scale weighing machine characterized by improved design and gentleness. It allows to pack various kinds of products such as blueberries, cranberries, black currant, aronia, lingonberries or tomatoes. More about the advantages of...