The price of the line depends on this:

what modules and elements the line consists of – e.g. does it include a sorter, weighing machine or sealing machine, or maybe all of the above what is the assumed capacity of the line what are our expectations in terms of the quality of the final product

The timing of each installation is defined by many different factors.

The regular installation of a single machine takes two days, during which the machines are set up and operators are trained.

When installing the entire line, we need four to five days and the work plan is as follows:

1st day – mechanical installation, levelling of equipment, initial cabling
2nd day – cabling, machine set-up and line test without product
3rd day – operator training and initial tests with product
4th day – operator training in practice, assistance with product packaging, fine-tuning of line operation.

Depending on the complexity of the line, such a project can take up to 5 days. After this time, we continue to support the client – remotely.

After signing the contract, the customer receives a proforma invoice – the first payment of 50% of the order value is then required.

The next instalment of 45% is due two weeks before the machines are transported to the customer.

The last 5% instalment is paid after installation. In addition, each payment is confirmed by an advance invoice.

We can synchronise our machines with your existing equipment.

We provide end-to-end solutions that optimise different line systems, whether you already have equipment supplied by us or by other suppliers.

Whatever the complex level of integration, we provide a professional approach and automation expertise and will create a consistent and efficient production line for you.

Our equipment is designed and made from such materials as to minimise the negative impact on fruit quality in terms of drop and level of wax coating.

Because of our experience in fruit production, we know how important the maintenance of the coating is for the preservation of the commercial value of blueberry fruit.

It takes three to six months to design, manufacture and install a production, packaging or sorting line.

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