Our mission is to support growers and producers across Europe by providing them with first-class technology solutions.

Without compromising on quality, we guarantee the highest level of after-sales and technical support. We are always close to our clients and service is available 24/7.

Milbor PMC service
department deals with:

installation of packaging
machines and lines
on-going on call
service support
cleaning and renovation
of machine components
delivering spare
regular maintenance of equipment
operator service
sotware update
Regular inspections

The main purpose of conducting regular inspections is to ensure that every component of the production line is operating at 100% of its efficiency at all times.

Our qualified engineers will carry out a thorough technical inspection of your machine.
They keep your industrial machinery and equipment running smoothly and reliably.
Our inspection includes service, including repair or replacement of necessary mechanical and electronic equipment, as well as software checks.

Diagnostics – conducting a full diagnostics of machines
Software – conducting necessary software updates
Final report – preparing a report on the condition of machines
Training – possibility of conducting additional training

Why is it worth it?

  • It prepares machines for starting another season
  • It helps determine the wear of components and replace them as necessary
  • It helps detect many potential defects that could lead to downtime
  • It makes it possible to order the necessary parts in advance and replace them before the season
  • It reduces the amount of downtime due to machine failure
  • It reduces worker costs due to unplanned downtime
  • It increases the flow and effectiveness of work
Spare parts

We know how important it is to have access to spare parts, especially during the season, so we make sure the parts you need are available when wear or lack of parts would prevent you from operating during peak production times. Our warehouses are located in Poland, so delivery of parts to other European countries is not a problem for us. During the season, our service technicians are available around the clock.


Maintaining a high level of operators’ knowledge ensures a smooth start to the season. Milbor PMC’s service department provides full training on all types of machines offered by Milbor PMC.

Our operator training service includes:

  • Training new operators
  • Retraining existing operators
  • Refreshing knowledge on machine performance and operation

Why is it worth it?

  • It helps avoids equipment failure due to operator error
  • It reduces the amount of downtime
  • It reduces worker costs due to unplanned downtime
  • It increases the flow and effectiveness of work
Refurbishment of dies

Welding die refurbishment is a process that involves disassembly, thorough cleaning, and replacement of worn out die components.

Why is it a good idea to do it? It prolongs the life of a die and prevents reduction of its efficiency. Moreover, thorough cleaning reduces production costs associated with downtime and ensures the highest quality sealing of the packaging.

When refurbishing this part of the machine we perform:

  • Complete disassembly of tools for thorough cleaning of metal components and residue left over from production (using specialized equipment and cleaning liquids)
  • Replacement of worn gaskets
  • Replacement of springs (additional option)
  • Assessment of the condition of blades and their possible replacement
  • Checking the condition of heating mats
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