Weigh & Fill 6-scale machine with AutoBag System

Weigh & Fill 6-scale machine with AutoBag System allows packing inshell nuts or kernels into bags.

Bag Filling System

Bagging/Boxing equipment allows to pack inshell nuts or kernels into bags or boxes.

Stage Sizer

The Stage Sizer uses vibrating plates with different hole sizes.

Roller Sizer

The Roller Sizer precisely grades walnuts by size.

Drying Platforms and Walkways

We provide delivery of walkways between the bins as well as easy access maintenance platforms for working on the distribution conveyors.

Distribution Conveyor System

All Drying distribution conveyors are built to handle the wet walnuts on their way to the drying bins.

Drying Bins

Our Bins are designed to maximize the cost per ton of drying storage.

Fan System

Fans are designed to maximize power efficiency.

Trash Shredder

The trash shredder is used to reduce the size of the greenline trash.

Hand Sorting Table

The hand sorting table allows workers to manually pick out any remaining cracked nuts, green nuts, black nuts, or trash.

Green Nut Return System

The Green Nut Return System sends the nuts that have remaining hull on them from the sorting table and the color sorter, back to the huller.

Huller Bypass

The Huller Bypass separates the walnuts with hulls from walnuts without hulls by passing them over a vibrating deck of screens.

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