Benefits of automation

Process automation is becoming increasingly common in the fresh produce industry. Machines are able to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the same efficiency, speed, quality, and most importantly without any interruptions. Automated systems eliminate the impact of the human factor. Workers are not robots, so it is not possible to maintain the same speed and quality of work throughout the shift.

Key considerations when selecting a blueberry sorting and packing solution

Nowadays, when we have access to many suppliers of machines and equipment for sorting and packing blueberries, producers and growers find it difficult to answer basic questions related to the blueberry production process. Sometimes they don't realize how many aspects they have to consider when choosing the best solution for them.

Impact of the coronavirus on the upcoming blueberry season

Although there are still almost three months until the beginning of the season in Poland, growing anxiety among soft fruit producers can already be noticed. The closed borders and quarantines caused by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic put into question not only how the market will change, but also whether sufficient seasonal workers will be found.

New formats for packing fruit and vegetables

W ostatnim czasie wzrasta świadomość producentów, co do skutków wykorzystywania jednorazowych opakowań wykonanych z plastiku i innych nienadających się do recyklingu tworzyw sztucznych. Konsumenci coraz częściej sięgają po produkty ekologiczne, zapakowane w biodegradowalne opakowania.

Strauss, a manufacturer of asparagus grading and packing machinery, starts its sales in Poland

A German company that manufactures asparagus machinery starts its sales in Poland. Its representative will be Milbor PMC, a distributor of sorting and packing equipment for the soft fruit sector.

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