In the blog section, we analyse the blueberry fruit sector trends, explore the benefits of automation and integrated machinery for fresh produce processing, as well as give you a better insight into Milbor solutions.

Soft fruits

Blueberry and soft fruit market trends 2024 – TOP5

The blueberry industry evolves. What are soft fruit market trends 2024? Read the analysis and follow the current directions of the market!
System wag ręcznych od Milbor

Increase packing efficiency with a manual weighing system

Our manual weighing system combines food production automation with manual labor, enhancing productivity and reducing the risk of overages. Check out what you can gain with our software!
Soft fruit market challenges – key takeaways from Friut Logisitca 2024

Soft fruit market challenges – key takeaways from Friut Logisitca 2024

Participating in Fruit Logistica 2024 gave us great insight into the soft fruit market challenges that producers and packing companies in Europe face nowadays. You can read key findings of talks with our clients and people who visited Milbor's booth in this article.
Rentowność linii pakującej do borówki

Calculating amortization and return on investment in blueberry packing line

The decision to invest in blueberry packing lines requires consideration of various factors that significantly impact the profitability of the venture.
Maszyny do pakowania i sortowania borówek

When is it worth considering an investment in the automation of blueberry production?

Nowadays, thanks to access to various machines and equipment for sorting and packing blueberries, producers and growers are beginning to ask key questions about their production processes.

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