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This section of our blog is devoted to our machines, software, and other improvements designed by Milbor engineers. Eager to find out more about Milbor solutions, products, and services? So keep on reading and learn our approach to technology and innovations!
System wag ręcznych od Milbor

Increase packing efficiency with a manual weighing system

Our manual weighing system combines food production automation with manual labor, enhancing productivity and reducing the risk of overages. Check out what you can gain with our software!
Maszyny do pakowania i sortowania borówek

When is it worth considering an investment in the automation of blueberry production?

Nowadays, thanks to access to various machines and equipment for sorting and packing blueberries, producers and growers are beginning to ask key questions about their production processes.
Linia pakująca do borówki

Blueberries and strawberries – dedicated packing and sorting solutions

Growing soft fruits presents many challenges. Packers and growers who decide to start or expand production must bear in mind several important aspects. Constantly changing weather conditions, fungal diseases and pests, or lack of workers are key issues they have to face.
Korzyści automatyzacji na rynku owoców - przenośnik

Benefits of automation

Process automation is becoming increasingly common in the fresh produce industry. Machines are able to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the same efficiency, speed, quality, and most importantly without any interruptions. Automated systems eliminate the impact of the human factor. Workers are not robots, so it is not possible to maintain the same speed and quality of work throughout the shift.
Linia pakująca do borówki

The Berry Group packs all year round

Growing blueberries doesn't have to be a seasonal industry. A group of producers from the Wielkopolska region learned that. After purchasing fruit grading and packing machines, they can work all year round.

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