The Berry Group packs all year round

Linia pakująca do borówki

Packing line

The Berry Group grows blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blue honeysuckle. It is one of the biggest exporters of these fruits in Poland – it harvest over 1,000 tonnes of blueberries a year alone. In 2017, the company invested in a sorting and packing line delivered by Milbor PMC, a distributor of fruit machines from A&B Packing Equipment.

“Berry Group is a large group with a cultivated area of over 210 hectares, so we offered them a line that is up to the task of packaging such a large volume of fruit. A cleaning blower, softness and colour sorters, and a 10-scale weigh & fill for packing up to 140 punnets per minute enable complete preparation of the product from freshly picked, to ready for sale”, explained Maciej Chmielewski from Milbor PMC.

Sealing punnets with topseal film 

The fruit packing line was further supplemented in 2018 with the SL4 automatic traysealer from the UK traysealer manufacturer Packaging Automation. By introducing a new punnet closing system that uses topseal film instead of the previously used lids, the Berry Group achieved savings on packaging and improved the attractiveness of their fruit containers. An additional advantage of this system is the possibility to introduce new packaging standards adapted to Western markets. The automatic sorting and packaging lines make the group independent of the market situation or the season. Blueberries are a delicate fruit that cannot be stored all winter, so it makes sense to import blueberries after the season. “We believe that the high quality of the fruit is the most important criterion for the customer when choosing a product. New technologies, such as those that enable using modified atmosphere packaging, significantly extend product shelf life, so it is possible to transport fruit to other continents. However, it is necessary at this point to sort them again for softness and to pack them”, added Mateusz Pilch of the Berry Group.

The Berry Group is a Polish producer group that has been active on the global market for 8 years. It is a co-founder of the Polish Berry Cooperative organization, as well as a new blueberry harvesting standard that limits the time of fruit transportation from the plantation to the cold storage room to 30 minutes.


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