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G3 Evolution control panel

A&B Packing Equipment, a world-leading blueberry machinery manufacturer from the US, recently introduced the latest version of their flagship weigh & fill machine – G3 Evolution. Top accuracy, hygienic design and flexibility stay at the top of the reasons why it is worth investing in G3 Evolution. Thanks to Milbor PMC, the top-class equipment is also available on the European market. In the article, we walk through the main features of the machine and identify what types of companies should consider this weigh & fill machine.

30 years of setting standards in the blueberry industry

The impressive story behind A&B Packing Equipment is a great example that the quality-first approach always pays off well. It started modestly in a garage in Michigan in 1995, and at present, after almost three decades of constant development and several major expansions, the company has become one of the most recognisable fruit and vegetable machinery providers. A&B Packing Equipment designs and manufactures top-end, custom devices that serve well for growers and packing companies worldwide, changing the perspective of fresh produce fuelled by technology. Having a multi-agricultural background, A&B engineers create machines that enable customers to face the challenges of cleaning, grading, harvesting, weighing and packaging fruits and vegetables in the most efficient way possible.

The weigh & fill machines for blueberry have always been a core segment in the A&B Packing Equipment catalogue. Now it is time to meet the newest member of the family: G3 Evolution. The third version of their famous weigh & fill surprises us with a few elements that play a pivotal role in production effectiveness.

Overweight – a curse in the blueberry industry

In order to run a profitable fruit and vegetable company, you need to focus on the precision of daily operations, and blueberry packing is a great confirmation of these words. The importance of machine accuracy grows as long as the blueberry business becomes more and more competitive. Each fruit counts, especially for those who work seasonally and who are limited to one type of fruit only. In the case of overweight, you give away fruits for free and simply lose your money. And we talk about a huge amount of money in the long run, e.g., tens of thousands EUR per season for a company that packs about 500 tons of fruits a year. To avoid this scenario, you need to be equipped with a weigh & fill machine featuring top accuracy.

G3 Evolution shows 2 grams (a single blueberry) of average accuracy per punnet, which is one of the best results on the market. What is more, while working on average weights (e-weights) the overweight can be decreased to 0,2 grams per punnet. Additionally, G3 disallows underweights and thus limits the risk of claims from supermarkets and retailers.

We have already mentioned the overweight topic in our blog before. If you want to explore this subject, click here and read the article regarding the issue of overweight in the blueberry sector.

G3 Evolution minimise overweight

Speed up your efficiency with a speedy G3

Without a doubt, the weigh & fill is a proper tool to handle the busiest days during high season. The ability to pack up to 250 punnets per minute (16-scale version for 125 g punnets) makes G3 the fastest machine designed for small fruit handling. What is worth mentioning, G3 Evolution can keep the high speeds of packing without decreasing accuracy. This device is designed for big growers and packing companies that process at least 1,500 kg h of fruits or vegetables. If you are one of them and look for a reliable, fast and precise weigh & fill, you definitely should short-list G3.

Talking about efficiency, we cannot miss two features of G3. The first one is the possibility to release part-cycles. Thanks to that, the weigh & fill continues to work without full feed capacity, upgrading the overall productivity. The second thing is an optional denester that replaces a staff member for putting empty punnets.

Flexibility matters and boosts your business

To meet the challenges of rapidly changing, fast-paced blueberry market trends and customers’ expectations, you need to operate a multi-purpose tool. This is exactly how you can describe the third generation of A&B machinery. This weigh & fill allows you to process different types of fresh fruits: cherries, cranberries, plums, tomatoes, mushrooms, nuts, and blueberries. Additionally, G3 is equipped with elements that secure the top level of delicacy and enable the packing of fragile and soft fruits – for example, redesigned, reduced hopper drops or silicone curtains on the top of the receiving hopper. Gentle fruit treatment ends up in higher product quality and extended shelf life, so it translates to higher revenue. Apart from that, G3 Evolution is ready to work with frozen fruits.

However, the flexibility aspects do not end here. The weigh & fill machine is available in multiple versions: 10, 12, or 16 scales, left & right-handed models, as well as standard or XL designs are available. Thanks to the diversity, the clients can pick the machine suitable to their present packing needs and future plans, adapting a new weigh & fill to the existing line and the set dimensions of the pack house.

Last but surely not least aspect of flexibility is packaging variety. Clamshells, topseal containers, to-go cups, buckets, bags, boxes and paper & pulp containers – the machine can pack fruits to all these types of packaging, and it is capable of filling up to 6 lbs (2,7 kg) containers. This multifunctionality serves well for G3 Evolution operators, who will be able to answer any berry-lovers’ demands.

Upgraded construction results in better ergonomics

The engineers working for A&B did a great job in terms of redesigning. The implemented changes raise durability, ergonomics and, above all, time spent on cleaning – compared to the previous versions.

Looking at G3 Evolution you can easily spot a solid frame and an adjustable 4-leg set made out of stainless steel. These two elements guarantee the uncompromising stability and durability of construction. Because of them, the machine is able to work for a long time, without making any adjustments and provides a top level of safety for the operators. On the contrary to its predecessor, G3 Evolution has a side-mounted control cabinet with a built-in touchscreen. This modification leads to better access to the back of the machine – which will be extremely useful during maintaining or cleaning the machinery.

G3 Evolution weigh & fill

And here comes one of the biggest assets of G3 Evolution: full hygienic design. How it was achieved? Firstly, the constructors used durable, food-safety, and easy-to-clean materials, such as silicone or stainless steel – elements resistant to water and substances that come out of juicy fruits. Secondly, the most important parts of the weigh & fill are easily accessible for staff, especially when we talk about the openable cross feed conveyor and vibe tray frame. Some focal elements, e.g. silicone pads and scale hoopers, can be removed and cleaned without using tools, thus it takes significantly less time for daily cleaning operations and keeping your production tidy. Moreover, the construction features many round-shaped elements that facilitate its washing, too.

Multiple tool-less adjustments make the machine easier to operate and more efficient than G2 Evolution. Comparing these two models, we cannot miss cable management. This aspect is in favour of G3, as key cables and wires are hidden in a tube with access ports.

Contact Milbor PMC and get to know G3

It is difficult to describe such a powerful tool as G3 Evolution in a single blog article. We are aware, this text does not cover all facts and upgrades of G3. To find out more technical details, pricing, and extra benefits of the device, click the link below and move to the G3 Evolution product website.

Alternatively, feel free to fill out the contact form below and reach out to the Milbor PMC advisor. Our specialists will double-check whether G3 Evolution is the best solution suitable to your needs. If so, they will provide you with an in-depth look at a bunch of possibilities that come to your business along with investing in this top-notch weigh & fill. If not, Milbor PMC will offer you a better option that might be more successful in your specific case.


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