G3 Evolution weigh & fill machine

Here is the game-changer in automated fresh produce. The 3rd generation of world-leading weigh & fill machinery by American producer A&B Packing Equipment is now available on the European market. Discover the higher level of packing, designed for big growers and trading companies that pack at least 1,500 kg/h of fruits or vegetables.

10 reasons to invest in G3 Evolution

At Milbor, we proudly announce that G3 Evolution has already arrived! The newest member joins the A&B weigh & fill family and it outpaces the competitors at sight. G3 features some new qualities that can improve your productivity and make it more profitable. Here are the key benefits of G3 Evolution packing equipment.  


The 16-scale G3 can pack up to 250 packs/minute, which means it is the fastest machine designed for small fruit handling. Thanks to that you can upgrade your efficiency and process the bigger volume of fruits.

Packaging Flexibility

G3 Evolution weigh & fill gives you superb packaging flexibility. It works with clamshells, topseal containers, to-go cups, buckets, bags, boxes and paper & pulp containers, being capable of filling up to 6 lbs (2.7 kg) containers.

Full Hygienic Design

Keep production tidy without compromising efficiency. Tubular design, removable parts, open access to the machine, water-resistant materials - all of them allow you to clean the machinery really fast.

Gentle Fruits Treatment

G3 Evolution takes good care of any fruit, including the most fragile types. The top level of delicacy was achieved mainly by silicone pads, silicone curtain on the top of the receiving hopper and redesigned reduced hopper drops. 

Range of Versions

G3 Evolution offers a great variety of versions, so you can easily find the tool most suitable to your actual needs and space. 10, 12, & 16-scale versions and standard or XL designs are available.


The higher speed does not reduce the weighing accuracy. The machine guarantees weighing precision up to a single fruit (about 2 grams). This means you can work faster without losing money due to overweights.

Fruit Diversity

This machine allows you to pack blueberries, cherries, tomatoes, mushrooms, nuts, cranberries, plums, frozen fruits and more. Thanks to that, you will quickly adapt to any market trends.

Sturdy Construction

Equipped with new leg sets, G3 Evolution provides top-notch stability, so once set the machine can operate for a long time without any adjustments. The frame was made from stainless steel - a very solid and resistant material.


The new equipment is more operator-friendly than previous versions. With well-organized cabling, stainless steel frame, side-mounted cabinet, and toll-free adjustments, G3 Evolution is easy to maintain and operate.

Perfect Fit

Milbor PMC engineers and technicians can design a new line or adjust your existing line to a new weigh & fill (or other machine). Thanks to our approach, you significantly reduce the time spent on the investment project.

Make more money with G3 Evolution

This kind of investment requires solid, fact-based justifications. Here are the focal financial gains of G3 Evolution:

Top accuracy

more money earned because of reduced losses and overweights and underweights.


pack up to 250 punnets/minute and sell more goods.

Hygienic design

save the time your employees spend on everyday machinery cleaning.

Gentle touch

treat the fragile fruits well and sell more premium products.


work all year long, dealing with different types of fruits and packagings to maximize your ROI.

The final price of G3 Evolution weigh & fill machine depends on a few factors (e.g. machinery version, required adjustments, and logistic cost). The prices range from 190,000 to 250,000€. The machines are also available for leasing and rental agreement.

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Meet G3 Evolution by A&B Packaging Equipment

Hygienic design, including round-shape elements made out of stainless steel, reduces time spent on daily washing.

Side-mounted cabinet, as well as independently openable cross feed and vibe tray panel make the G3 more accessible.

Ergonomic, user-friendly, movable control panel facilitates the operator managing the production process and machinery control.

G3 Evolution minimise overweight

High speed of packing paired with only 2 grams of average accuracy per punnet allows you to work quickly, precisely and effectively, maximising profits.

Cleaning of blueberry equipment

Silicon elements, including hooper pads, curtain, or fingers, provide a great level of gentle treatment for the fruits and protect them.

Get inspired by Milbor PMC's clients

Winterwoods Farms
Winterwood Farms is one of the largest growers of blueberries in Europe and Africa. They run a few plantations covering over 2,000 hectares combined
The client sought to enhance their existing blueberry packing process, aiming to reduce overweight and thus minimize product giveaways. This would boost overall equipment efficiency while seamlessly integrating with their current in-house machinery and matching its production speed.
Milbor delivered a blueberry packing solution featuring the 12-scale Evolution G2 weigh-and-fill machine, complemented by a line control system. To optimise operations across various packaging formats, we incorporated a pack turner and buffering conveyor system to prevent overfeeding at the traysealer stage. All components from Milbor seamlessly integrate with existing equipment, including a 16-lane grader, check-weigher, and case-packer.
As a result of the precision offered by the G2 Evolution weigh & fill machine, the client has reduced their overall product giveaway to just 0.2%. Moreover, thanks to Milbor's MPLC control cabinet and buffering conveyors, they have significantly minimised production halts and interruptions and increased the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) factor.

Elevate your fruit packing with Milbor PMC

Upgrading productivity takes more than just a purchase of the newest equipment available on the market. To get the best out of top-end machinery, you need to adjust all pieces of your line and integrate them as one, coherent system. It takes some flexibility, knowledge and an experience-based approach.
Our job goes beyond selling reliable machines. As an integrator, we adapt the particular tools to your present needs and future plans, tailoring the most efficient solution possible. With over 10 years of experience and 200+ delivered projects, Milbor PMC has already earned the trust of many clients from Europe and North Africa.
Working with Milbor PMC you gain quick-response, reliable service - a professional team of technicians. Our experts are ready to help you whenever you need support. We act 24/7, including during the peak season period. Along with knowledge and skills, we have a set of spare parts at hand, so we can act immediately without waiting for parts shipped from another continent. Service is available in English, Polish, German, Ukrainian, Moroccan and Spanish languages
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