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Achieve the highest efficiency and quality in soft fruit production with systems tailored to your needs.

About us

Our company was founded by a family of fruit growers who have been in the fruit business for more than 60 years.

MILBOR PMC is a family-owned company involved in the automation of packaging and sorting lines for fruit and vegetables. With the experience we have gained in this field, we know the importance of proven and reliable technology in fruit and vegetable production.

Our mission is to support fruit growers and packing companies by designing and producing high-end technological solutions without compromising on quality. We maintain the highest level of after-sales support in terms of service and responsiveness.

In addition to the design of complex solutions, we show support to our customers in their grant applications and in the subsequent implementation processes. We are a financially stable company.

Why we?


The solutions we provide lead to significant savings for our clients in terms of labour costs, reduction of overweight and optimisation of space.

Flexibility in packaging

Our clients can pack a variety of packaging formats so they are more able to adapt to changing market requirements.

Revenue growth

Thanks to the automation offered by our company, our clients are able to expand into new markets and thus increase their revenues.

Roots in fruit production

We combine automation expertise with knowledge and experience from fruit production.
We provide solutions that make a real difference to the production process and not just look pretty in the packing room.


Our team consists of experts with many years of experience in designing and operating production lines for soft fruit, ensuring the highest quality of our solutions. More than 200 lines implemented in Poland, Europe, etc.


Throughout the life of our company, our complaint rate is 0.01%. Regardless of the intensity of your work, you can be sure that our equipment will do its job.

Who do we serve?

Trading companies and producer groups

Clients, who face declining profits due to rising costs, are seeking to increase sales and lower prices in competitive industries. If you are looking for profit opportunities in a new sector, facing quality requirements or a shortage of employees, we are here to help you.

Producers of blueberries and other soft fruits

Clients struggling with increasing demands on fruit quality, labour shortages and rising labour costs during the season. If you are looking for a solution for fast order fulfilment without losing product value, we are here to help you.

Investors and new players

Clients facing a lack of knowledge and experience in the soft fruit industry, non-compliance with EU subsidy regulations and unfamiliarity with their recipients and customers with EU subsidy clearance support and uncertainty about future market requirements.

The success stories of our clients prove that the investment in the automation line is a reasonable choice for companies that serve at least 400 kg/h of fruits or vegetables.


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Our branches

We are committed to providing superior technical and after-sales support. We guarantee that our service engineers are always close to our clients and ready to respond within 24 hours.

Our clients can always count on advisory support in post-harvest operations. All our employees are always willing to share their knowledge and experience gained from previous installations of our systems.

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Scheme of operation




During the conversation, we make a detailed analysis of your needs and expectations. We obtain key information about the project to ensure that it complies with the indicated requirements.


You will be briefed by our representative on the latest technologies, the differences between them and the solution best suited to your needs.


Free visualisation of the production line


We then prepare a solution proposal comparing the technical parameters and performance of the various machine configurations.


You will receive a personalised design made by a team of professionals, tailored to your packing room. It’s a chance to see what solutions will work best for your business, before making a decision.


Acceptance of terms and conditions


Once the proposed solutions are accepted, we move on to formalities such as signing the contract.


If the project meets your requirements and you accept its terms and conditions, we will take care of the ordering, manufacture and delivery of the machines for you.


Production and installation of equipment


We are proceeding with the production of the line as agreed in the contract. When the machines are ready, we start installing the line directly on the customer’s site, making sure that everything happens as expected.


We offer you a complete service – from transporting the manufactured equipment to your premises to installation carried out by our experienced service technician.


After-sales technical support


Optionally, you can order a line maintenance service from our company. Our experienced team is ready to keep your production line running.


Once the project is completed, you can continue to count on comprehensive technical support wherever and whenever you need it.


Assistance in clearing the project


On request, we can assist in applying for project grants and support you in the implementation process.


If required, we will provide you with all the necessary documents, enabling you to obtain a business development grant.

Technical support and service

At the peak of the season, fruit and vegetable producers cannot afford interruptions in production due to machine breakdown or lack of spare parts, which is why our service operates 24/7 all year round.

Our service technicians operate across various regions in Europe and North Africa, which means that no matter where your production facility is located, our service is always within easy reach.

In addition, each of MILBOR PMC’s service technicians is a multilingual professional – in addition to local language skills, we always speak English so that service can be carried out smoothly and efficiently, regardless of the preferred language of communication.

Our international service team is ready to act at any time to ensure that you can continue production and maintain the efficiency of your production line.

System Integration and Line Automation

We can integrate our machines with your existing equipment.

Our Automation team provides solutions to optimise various linear systems, including both equipment supplied by MILBOR PMC and other suppliers.

In addition, we offer a line control system designed according to the customer’s requirements, which allows the entire line to be managed from a single location via an operator panel (HMI).


The price of the line depends on this:

what modules and elements the line consists of – e.g. does it include a sorter, weighing machine or sealing machine, or maybe all of the above what is the assumed capacity of the line what are our expectations in terms of the quality of the final product

The timing of each installation is defined by many different factors.

The regular installation of a single machine takes two days, during which the machines are set up and operators are trained.

When installing the entire line, we need four to five days and the work plan is as follows:

1st day – mechanical installation, levelling of equipment, initial cabling
2nd day – cabling, machine set-up and line test without product
3rd day – operator training and initial tests with product
4th day – operator training in practice, assistance with product packaging, fine-tuning of line operation.

Depending on the complexity of the line, such a project can take up to 5 days. After this time, we continue to support the client – remotely.

After signing the contract, the customer receives a proforma invoice – the first payment of 50% of the order value is then required.

The next instalment of 45% is due two weeks before the machines are transported to the customer.

The last 5% instalment is paid after installation. In addition, each payment is confirmed by an advance invoice.

We can synchronise our machines with your existing equipment.

We provide end-to-end solutions that optimise different line systems, whether you already have equipment supplied by us or by other suppliers.

Whatever the complex level of integration, we provide a professional approach and automation expertise and will create a consistent and efficient production line for you.

Our equipment is designed and made from such materials as to minimise the negative impact on fruit quality in terms of drop and level of wax coating.

Because of our experience in fruit production, we know how important the maintenance of the coating is for the preservation of the commercial value of blueberry fruit.

It takes three to six months to design, manufacture and install a production, packaging or sorting line.

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