for packing
and sorting fruit and vegetables

We provide the highest quality solutions tailored to your needs. We cooperate with leading machine manufacturers.

About us

Our company was founded by a family of fruit growers who have been in the business for over 60 years.

MILBOR PMC is a family owned and operated company that automates packaging and sorting lines for fruit and vegetables. Thanks to our experience in this field, we know the importance of proven and reliable technology in fruit and vegetable production.

Our mission is to support fruit growers and packers by providing and implementing high-end technological solutions without compromising on quality, while maintaining the highest level of after-sales support in terms of service and responsiveness.

We design and install
packing and sorting lines

From needs analysis, through the design and its implementation, to professional service - we provide comprehensive solutions for our clients.
We are developing and constantly expanding our offer by entering new segments of the fresh fruit and vegetable market.
Let us design a line for you.

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The market is constantly changing, which makes it necessary to make key, long-term decisions.



We approach each project individually, analysing the client's needs, goals, and business plans before we work out a solution together.

Suggested solution

We design tailor-made solutions, strictly adapted to the needs and expectations of our clients, taking into account their future needs and business plans.

Project management

We take care of projects from start to finish. Each client has a dedicated Project Manager who leads the entire project.

Installation and service

We are committed to providing superior technical and after-sales support. Our service engineers are always close to our clients and available 24/7 in case of any failure.

Technical support and service

Our experience in working in the fruit and vegetable segment means that we understand how important the right technical support is for growers.

During the peak season, growers cannot afford production interruptions due to machine failure or lack of spare parts.

System Integration and Line Automation

Our company is derived from family of fruit growers. It is from there that our the work ethic and understanding of the unique characteristics of fruit and vegetable production come from

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We are committed to providing superior technical and after-sales support. We guarantee that our service engineers are always close to our clients and ready to respond within 24 hours.

Our clients can always count on advisory support in post-harvest operations. All our employees are always willing to share their knowledge and experience gained from previous installations of our systems.

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