In this category, we share our knowledge and sector know-how, analysing some key aspects of the fruit and vegetable industry and presenting how the market can develop thanks to technology and automation.
Cena linii do pakowania borówki - kalkulacja Price of Blueberry Packing Line

The price of blueberry packing line – an example quote

The price of blueberry packing line usually plays a key role when it comes to investing in sorting and packing equipment. This article analyses the most important determinants of the price and provides an example pricing of the blueberry line.
Soft fruits

Blueberry and soft fruit market trends 2024 – TOP5

The blueberry industry evolves. What are soft fruit market trends 2024? Read the analysis and follow the current directions of the market!
Rentowność linii pakującej do borówki - return on investment in blueberry packing line

Calculating amortization and return on investment in blueberry packing line

The decision to invest in blueberry packing lines requires consideration of various factors that significantly impact the profitability of the venture.
Maszyny do pakowania i sortowania borówek

When is it worth considering an investment in the automation of blueberry production?

Nowadays, thanks to access to various machines and equipment for sorting and packing blueberries, producers and growers are beginning to ask key questions about their production processes.

Searching for margin in blueberry packing

As costs are very high and supply is abundant during the peak of the season, blueberry growers will be looking to reduce their costs as much as possible. According to Piotr Milewski, CEO of Milbor, a supplier of automated production lines, including sorting and packing systems, an efficient, automated sorting line can be an answer.

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