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Impact of the coronavirus on the upcoming blueberry season

Although there are still almost three months until the beginning of the season in Poland, growing anxiety among soft fruit producers can already be noticed. The closed borders and quarantines caused by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic put into question not only how the market will change, but also whether sufficient seasonal workers will be found.

New formats for packing fruit and vegetables

Manufacturers have recently become increasingly aware of the consequences of using disposable packaging made from plastic and other non-recyclable materials. Consumers are increasingly turning to eco-friendly products packaged in biodegradable packaging. On the other hand, the food industry is looking for solutions that are appealing to customers in technologies to maximize the marketing space for products. This has resulted in changes in the way fruit, vegetables, and other foods are packaged.

A sorting line solves quality problems and addresses seasonal worker shortages

The harvest season is the most difficult time for blueberry producers. It is short but very intense. The fruit has to be picked at the right time, sorted, and packed according to the customer’s order. At a time when the availability of seasonal workers is becoming an issue and new challenges are also caused by increasingly unpredictable weather, many growers are opting to automate the fruit preparation process.

Warsaw Pack 2019: Changes in fruit and vegetable packing trends

Until recently, trays with a lid were the most common packaging for soft fruit in Poland. However, the topseal method, popular in the West, has recently been in more and more frequent use by Polish retail chains. This applies mostly to packaging of tomatoes, blueberries, and other soft fruit.

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