Impact of the coronavirus on the upcoming blueberry season

The epidemic can have many consequences. On the one hand, limited access to workers from the east may result in some growers not finding enough people and having problems with harvesting of fruit. On the other hand, if the situation does not change by then, many Poles who have lost their jobs due to the closure of their places of employment, such as restaurants, hotels, and other service companies, will seek employment on plantations – but they will expect higher wages. In both scenarios, the production costs will increase.

Despite the fact that the situation in the Polish market does not seem to encourage investment in machinery, it may ultimately prove very beneficial. When growers have trouble finding workers to pick fruit, it may not be possible to hire enough people for the packhouse. It’s likely that fruit growers will prefer to deliver fruit in bulk, but eventually someone will have to pack it.

According to Maciej Chmielewski of Milbor PMC, a company dealing with the supply of soft fruit sorting and packing machines, many growers should consider whether the investment in machinery will prove to be a solution to the problem of labour shortage. We have customers who, by installing a packing line equipped with an Evolution 12-scale weigh & fill with softness and colour sorters, have reduced the number of packhouse staff from 90 to 20, while increasing packing capacity to 1.5 tonnes per hour. Workers who have so far been engaged in packing fruit can cover the shortages in the picking groups, explained M. Chmielewski.

Due to the fact that we cooperate with the American machine manufacturers A&B Packing Equipment and WECO Sorting, for now we are not afraid of production stoxppages. We are able to deliver sorting and packing lines even before the start of the 2020 season. We have a very well equipped spare parts warehouse and an experienced service team ready to support our clients even during this difficult time, added M. Chmielewski.

Source: Jagodnik

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