Impact of the coronavirus on the upcoming blueberry season

The epidemic can have many consequences. On the one hand, limited access to workers from the east may result in some growers not finding enough people and having problems with harvesting of fruit. On the other hand, if the situation does not change by then, many Poles who have lost their jobs due to the closure of their places of employment, such as restaurants, hotels, and other service companies, will seek employment on plantations – but they will expect higher wages. In both scenarios, the production costs will increase.

Despite the fact that the situation in the Polish market does not seem to encourage investment in machinery, it may ultimately prove very beneficial. When growers have trouble finding workers to pick fruit, it may not be possible to hire enough people for the packhouse. It’s likely that fruit growers will prefer to deliver fruit in bulk, but eventually someone will have to pack it.

Wpływ koronawirusa na nadchodzący sezon borówkowy

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