Warsaw Pack 2019: Changes in fruit and vegetable packing trends

New packing standards 

The packaging market has been transforming in recent years, driven by consumers’ growing environmental awareness. The most notable trends are:

  • Introduction of biodegradable packaging (e.g. made of pulp, cellulose pulp, or wood pulp); 
  • Reduction of the total weight of packaging; 
  • Replacing laminate packaging with mono materials (e.g. PET). The main objective of these measures is to enable recovery of plastics (recycling).

The advantage of the topseal technology is that it addresses all the above trends, allowing a significant reduction in film consumption (up to 70% less than a traditional flowpack) and full use of biodegradable and recycled materials.

Good return on investment 

Why do more and more fruit and vegetable growers decide to buy traysealers? Because this way of packing is not only aesthetic and more attractive but also more practical. Tightly closed trays look better on the store shelf, they are easier to transport because no space is taken up by unnecessary lids, and, most importantly, topseal film prevents the fruit from spilling out in the box, which quite often caused losses in case of the packaging methods used so far. The use of packing machines also allows packing plants to hire fewer workers, which is very important in the context of the decreasing availability of workers.

In Poland, Milbor PMC – a distributor of traysealers from the British manufacturer Packaging Automation – has been working on the introduction of the topseal technology for fruit and vegetable containers for years.

Find Milbor PMC experts at Warsaw Expo

More information about packing machines and traysealers will be available at the 2019 Warsaw Pack International Packing Technology and Packaging Fair, which will be held on 5-7 March at the Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn near Warsaw. Milbor PMC will be present in booth 59b.

Warsaw Pack: new trends in food packing

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