AirJet® Cherry Grader

AirJet® Sorting System The most technologically advanced and accurate cherry grading machinery on the market.


The AirJet® sorting system is the most technologically advanced cherry grading machinery on the market. The line features three types of AirJetTM Vision cameras – full HD, black and white, and near infrared (NIR) cameras. The grading machinery captures 21 images of the fruit surface, allowing inspection of more than 90% of the surface of each fruit. The machine enables sorting according to:

  • Size – the dimensions of each fruit are calculated based on 21 optical camera images;
  • Softness/firmness – the machine is able to separate cherries into 5 standard softness categories: intended for freezing, semi-soft, semi-hard, hard and extra-hard, and others, allowing producers to adjust the quality of fruit for sale to different markets and according to the individual requirements of their customers; 
  • Defects – the AirJetTM Vision’s GPJ technology detects internal and external defects in fruit, such as bruising, discolouration and dryness, and other defects caused by various weather conditions; 
  • Colour – the AirJet® sorting system can reject red, green, and underripe fruit.

The AirJet® system from GP Graders sorts cherries at the rate of up to 30.2 units per second per line, thus providing extremely high throughput while maintaining sorting accuracy.

Features and advantages

  • Sorting is based on live feedback from AirJet Vision high definition (HD), black and white, and NIR cameras
  • The grading machinery divides fruit into at least 5 softness categories, i.e. very soft (IQF), semi-soft, medium, semi-hard and hard
  • The grading machinery detects damage and defects, such as bruises, cuts, cracks, scars, overmature fruit, and others, which can be defined using open source software
  • Designed with food grade materials for quick rinsing and washing after use
  • A simple and intuitive system operation interface
  • A reduced number of seasonal employees working on the line, which translates into savings

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