A sorting line solves quality problems and addresses seasonal worker shortages

Up to 2 tonnes of blueberries per hour 

An example of this automation is compact sorting lines, which are an advantage for owners of small and medium-sized farms, as they enable quick and accurate inspection of fruit for softness. This system was chosen by Beata and Kazimierz Wasiak who grow blueberries on a 10-hectare plantation. The line, delivered to them in 2018, includes a feed conveyor to transport the fruit to the Impulse softness sorting machine and an inspection conveyor. This solution allows sorting of up to 2 tonnes of blueberries per hour.

The sorting line for Wasiaks’ farm was delivered by Milbor PMC – a distributor of fruit packing and sorting machines from A&B Packing Equipment and of traysealers from the British manufacturer Packaging Automation.

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