Trash Shredder

The trash shredder is used to reduce the size of the greenline trash.

Trash System

The Trash Shredder excels at chopping and reducing the amount of trash produced by the processing line.

Finish Aspirator

The Finish Aspirator uses suction to separate the empty or blank nuts from the good nuts.


The Precleaner additionally uses water to help wash away any remaining debris. Any remaining hulls fall though the Ag web chain into the trash.

Float Tank

The Float Tank removes rocks from the product flow. The nuts are submerged under water and float while rocks in the product sink to the bottom.


The Wizard Precleaner is an elevator that tumbles and agitates nuts. This tumbling cleans and loosens walnut hulls.

Trash Aspirator

The Trash Aspirator is the first aspirator in the processing line. The trash aspirator uses suction to separate light pieces of debris like leaves, grass, or small sticks from the product flow.


The Desticker uses a specialized chain with spacing that allows nuts to fall through while retaining sticks and carrying them over to the trash.

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