Cherry Evolution is an innovative cherry packing machine. It allows to pack fruit in various types of punnets – owing to the fact it increase efficiency of work and eliminate cost connected with employees.

Cherry packing machine

In the past, packaging was viewed as a practical item, protecting foods from outside contamination, but over the last few years, the sector has seen a complete turnaround.

“Growers started to notice the shift in thinking about packaging and are becoming more and more involved in influencing consumer purchasing decisions. Packaging is becoming a marketing element today, where growers can place the most important information about the product, and in the case of fruits, also about its origin and nutritional values. Different combinations of the external appearance including shape, colour, inscriptions, illustrations contained on it, have a significant impact on the visual perception of the package by consumers,” said Piotr Milewski from Milbor.

Cherries were traditionally sold in bulk, transported to points of sale in boxes or large plastic containers to the retailer, and then sold by weight to the customer.

“Modern producers have noticed that packing their fruits makes them much more attractive to consumers. With the addition of modern packing solutions, like the Cherry Evolution, a Weigh&Fill machine developed by by A&B Lakewood, packing doesn’t mean a lot of high costs as it did in the past, because these technologies eliminate the need to hire extra employees for hand packing,” shared Piotr.

“The fact that the Cherry Evolution comes in various versions, to fit customer requirements, means that there is a perfect fit out there for everyone. Standard punnets, top seal and ‘to-go’ cups or bags, are just a few examples.”

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