Fruitopia – Cooperativa Agricola is one of the largest associations of blueberry growers in Romania with a total plantation area of more than 70 hectares.

  • What were the challenges?

    The primary challenge was to understand the production process and to create a solution that would fit into the existing packing plant, while offering efficient and comfortable operation for the line operators. In order to address the growing production and the increasing problems with finding seasonal workers, the proposed solution had to minimize the number of people needed to work on the line.

  • What did we do?

    As part of this project, we delivered to the client a sorting and packing line consisting of a 6-scale weigh & fill and a system of conveyors transporting fruit in bulk and packed. The sorting section uses softness sorters and small fruit eliminators. Due to the limited space, the project used, among other things, arched conveyors.

  • What was the end result?

    Thanks to the sorting and packing line delivered by our company, the client not only increased the efficiency of its packing process, but also significantly reduced the losses caused by overweighing the product in containers. The use of softness sorters and small fruit eliminators reduced the number of people engaged in fruit packing. In addition, the proposed solution enabled the client to adapt the machine to the majority of packaging available on the market and to maintain the quality standards required from producers.

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