Winterwood Farms produces a wide range of fruit from their farms in the United Kingdom, France, Poland and South Africa, with over 2,000 hectares combined, which makes them the largest grower of Blueberries in Europe and Africa.

  • What were the challenges?

    Customer needed to improve his current blueberry packing process. The goal was to decrease the overweights and consequently product give aways, increasing the overall equipment efficiency and at the same time had to be connected to current inhouse equipment and had to match its production’s speed.

  • What we did?

    Milbor provided a blueberry packing line with 12-scale Evolution G2 weigh&fill machine by A&B Packing Equipement with line control system. In order to optimize the work of the line on different packaging types, we supplied a pack turner and buffering conveyor system that prevents tray sealer overfeeding.

    All Milbor elements are connected to the existing equipment – 16 lane grader, check-weigher, and case-packer.

    Milbor’s control cabinet distributes power around all elements in the line meeting CE standards,  and has installed production recipes for each packaging type. All the changes are done from one place in the line.

  • What was the outcome?

    Due to accuracy of Evolution weighing and filling machine the Customer’s overall production giveaway has been decreased to 0.2%.

    Thanks to Milbor’s MPLC control cabinet, and the buffering conveyors, the Customer managed to decrease a number of stops and brakes during the production which helped to increase OEE factor  and as a result the throughput of the pack house has been increased.



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