Polskie Jagody

Polskie Jagody is a group of soft fruit producers who passionately and diligently ensure the quality of their products. The company’s history began over 10 years ago when the first berry plantations were established. Currently, the group consists of six plantations covering a total area of 180 hectares.

  • What were the challenges?

    Specializing in the production and sale of berries, primarily blueberries and strawberries, the producer group of Polskie Jagody collaborates with two other producer organizations, selling approximately 3000 tons of berries annually. Before partnering with our company, their main challenge was overweights. The seasonal nature of their business led to an excess of fruits reaching customers, resulting in financial losses.


  • What did we do?

    In supporting Polskie Jagody, we identified the main source of the problem – overweights. We proposed replacing their existing solution with our innovative Weigh&Fill machine. Using our advanced weighing and packing equipment, our goal was to minimize overweights by at least 2% throughout the season.

  • What was the end result?

    After implementing our technology, Polskie Jagody achieved significant financial savings. By reducing overweights, the company gained €30,000 in just one season. This remarkable efficiency meant that the investment in our equipment paid off in just 3 years. Additionally, the company no longer needs to process overweight packagings, resulting in time savings. The reliability of our equipment allows for shorter breaks in production line work.

    Through our collaboration, the producer group gained not only economic efficiency but also increased the productivity of their operations, enabling a more sustainable and profitable business.


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