Daifressh is a supplier that bases its business on the freshness and high quality of its products. One of its key products is blueberries, a fruit popular for its health benefits that requires delicate processing to maintain the highest quality, which depends on taste, softness, size, colour, etc. In response to market demand and the increase in production in this competitive segment, Daifressh decided to automate its blueberry processing line.

  • What were the challenges?

    Understanding our client’s real needs and problems was of key importance early on in this project. The collaboration with Daifressh and its professional team resulted in a final solution that was aimed to meet the growing demands of the market.

  • What did we do?

    We designed a full blueberry-processing solution that consisted of the sorting, packaging, and labelling stages. First, the fruits are sorted into two categories depending on their colour and softness. The well-selected fruits are then weighed and packed into various types of containers by a fully automated packing machine. We designed the line to be able to attach it to the traysealer already in place, so as to provide more flexibility in the installation process and to give Daifressh the ability to pack blueberries in a variety of conditions and into various packaging.

  • What was the end result?

    The result is a dedicated blueberry-processing line that ensures the quality of the end product, allowing the client to drastically reduce the number of operators in the packhouse and to gain full control, thanks to a control machine that makes it possible to manage the entire line from one place.


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