About the Cherry Evolution

Specially designed to handle fresh cherries with its unparalleled gentleness and its combination of unbeatable speed and unmatched accuracy.

Available in 4-scale and 10-scale version, the Evolution is the best choice for cherry packers willing to keep the top quality of their product

Designed for

  • Sweat and Sour Cherries

Benefits & Features

  • Very accurate weight&filling system can maintain an average weight of less than a single piece of product;
  • Extremely gentle fruit distribution system allows to extend and increase the product’s quality, value and shelf life;
  • High capacity weight&filling
    – Up to 60 packs per minute for 4-scale Evolution
    – Up to 120 packs per minute for 10-scale Evolution
  • Versatility of packing many differentsizes and shapes of packaging from 250gr to 3 kg;
  • Specially designed software keeps track of every punnet packed on the machine;
  • Easy to clean and maintain;