Blueberry packing lines

We design and install blueberry packing lines tailored to the producers’ needs and harvest volumes. Our offer includes large packing lines, as well as advanced systems for exporters and companies that pack blueberries all year round.

Blueberry packaging line for larger growers

We offer packing lines tailored to the needs of larger producers. The sample line consists of a sorting machine, a packaging machine, a labeller, and a conveyor system. We know how important it is to accurately weigh the packed products; therefore, we also recommend a control system that accurately estimates the overweight and underweight of the weighed products.

Blueberry packing line for year-round packers and large exporters

For producers packing blueberries all year round, we offer an extended packing system that allows for individual programming of sorted and packed fruit categories. Our machines use modern and reliable technologies that can detect damaged and too soft fruit, and assess its firmness and size, so that the final product has the quality that your customers expect.

The line consists of machines that can also be purchased separately:

G3 Evolution weigh & fill machine

G3 Evolution weigh & fill machine

Here is the game-changer in automated fresh produce. The 3rd generation of world-leading weigh & fill machinery by American producer A&B Packing Equipment is now available on the European market.

Automatic checkweigher

Automatic checkweighers are used to check the weight of a product and assess its completeness

Automatic checkweigher with metal detector

The automatic checkweigher additionally has an integrated metal detector to detect foreign bodies in the packaging.

Control cabinet

The control machine is an advanced production line control system based on a Siemens PLC. It makes it possible to manage the entire system from one place.


A labelling kit for applying self-adhesive labels to the top, bottom, and side of packages transported on a conveyor belt.

Dovetail feed system

We offer a variety of dovetail feed systems for distribution of products to different components/parts of the line.

Inspection table

It is the part of a sorting and packing line where the workers visually inspect the sorted fruit.

Lidding conveyor

This conveyor is used to transport containers with fruit. We offer different types and shapes of conveyor belt conveyors.

Buffering conveyor

This conveyor optimizes the operation of machines such as the traysealer. It enables smooth stacking and entry of packages to the next line component.
Zaawansowany sorter do borówki

AirJet® Blueberry Grader

The AirJet® sorting system is the most technologically advanced blueberry grading machinery on the market.

Metal detector

Metal detectors are designed to detect foreign objects in finished product packages.

Rotary blower

The unit is designed to remove dirt from fruit. The machine effectively removes leaves, sticks, dried flowers and undersized fruits.
kalibrownica otworowa, Sortowanie borówki

Hole calibrator

A hole calibrator is a very accurate device that makes it possible to accurately sort blueberries according to size. It uses technologies that enable accurate and gentle sorting.

Belt calibrator

A unit for sorting blueberries by size. It uses technologies that enable accurate and gentle sorting.
10-scale weigh & fill for blueberry

10-scale weigh & fill for blueberry

Made by an American manufacturer, A&B Packing Equipment, this 10-scale weigh & fill is one of the most versatile and efficient machines for blueberry packing.
12-scale packing machine for blueberries

12-scale packing machine for blueberries

Thanks to its combination of weighing accuracy, 12 scales, and great speed of processing, this packing machine for blueberries is suitable to process large volume of fruits.
16-scale packing machine for blueberry

16-scale packing machine for blueberries

This weigh & fill is the most efficient packing machine available on the market, designed to meet the needs of the biggest blueberry growers and packing companies.
4-scale weigh & fill

4-scale weigh & fill for blueberries

This blueberry packing machine suits well the companies that process relatively low volume of fruits per season or have less space available in the pack house.
6-scale blueberry weigh & fill machine

6-scale blueberry weigh & fill machine

Designed and produced by the American company A&B Packing Equipment, this 6-scale weigh and fill machine is among the most versatile and efficient options for packing blueberries.

Revolution traysealer

The Revolution traysealer makes it possible to seal trays with containers filled with blueberries with film on the top.

SL2 traysealer

The SL2 traysealer makes it possible to seal trays with containers filled with blueberries with film on the top.

SL4 traysealer

The SL4 traysealer makes it possible to seal trays with containers filled with blueberries with film on the top

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More about our blueberry line 

In our offer, you will find solutions suitable for different harvest volumes and different products: blueberries, cherries, soft fruit, cranberries, nuts, tomatoes, mushrooms, and asparagus. We are constantly developing and, therefore, we regularly add new machines and technologies to our offer.

We supply complete equipment for entire production lines, in particular grading, packing, sealing, weighing (control systems), conveying, and labelling machinery.

Our roots are in growing blueberries, but over time we have gathered experience in other fruits and vegetables, believing that this is the only way we will become an industry leader in food packing and sorting technology if we continue to grow.

While performing subsequent contracts, we gained – and still gain – knowledge and experience. We focus on proven, technically advanced solutions that measurably optimize production and its costs and increase the quality of the final product. We only want to put our signatures on these projects – because we take full responsibility for them.

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